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Missing TCL SOAP::WSDL package for TCL TGI generator


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I am trying the Leon2 example contained in the ip-xact standard pacakge. My intention is to run the tcl tgi generator using the WSDL. However, I cannot manage them to work due to the missing SOAP::WSDL tcl package. See the tcl generator file: \Leon2_1685-2014\Leon2\spiritconsortium.org\Leon2RTL\ahbbus\1.2\componentGenerator\defaultMaster.tcl:

package require SOAP::WSDL

By searching this pacakge in google I did not get any useful information. It seems that this package is pretty old and has been discontinued already in 2005. I am suprised that the Leon2 example is using a TCL package which the user cannot find in the internet. 


Could anybody tell me where I can download the SOAP::WSDL tcl pacakge? What I found is only the Wub from google, but I cannot get it to work with the Leon2 example. If anybody has already made the generator example work, I am very much appreciated to get an instruction how to do that.


Thanks in advance.






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