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Backwards generic_payload

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Hello All,


I have some confusion on the usage of the generic payload on the backwards path (e.g. AT nb_transport usage).  At first glance, I would expect the target to re-use the generic_payload that it receives on the forward path.


However, I'm working with a model that creates a new generic_payload on the backwards path.  This makes things a bit strange, as I must keep the forward path generic_payload until the end of the transaction.  I've looked in the LRM to determine if creation of a new GP by the target is allowed, acceptable, encouraged, etc, but I'm not finding anything obvious.


Thanks in advance for comments!


In case there is confusion, here is some pseudo code:


              // initiator sc_module.  (Not using simple socket)

My_sc_thread() {

    tlm_generic_payload    gp;


     cout <<" FW pointers: gp= "<<hex<<showbase<< (unsigned long long)(&gp) <<endl;




  virtual tlm_sync_enum nb_transport_bw(tlm_generic_payload &gp, tlm_phase &ph, sc_time &t)


     cout <<" BW pointers: gp= "<<hex<<showbase<< (unsigned long long)(&gp) <<endl;




Output (simply showing the generic_payload pointer returned is not the one sent):


FW WRITE pointers: gp= 0x7fb4423e5e90     gp.get_data_ptr()= 0x7fb4423e5f40

BW WRITE pointers: gp= 0x774ee0                gp.get_data_ptr()= 0x761f40

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I would say that is not within the spirit of TLM2 approximately timed modelling. In particular b )  in IEEE 1666-2011



If there are multiple calls to nb_transport associated with a given transaction instance, one and the
same transaction object shall be passed as an argument to every such call. In other words, a given
transaction instance shall be represented by a single transaction object.


Note that the use of nb_transport in the above quote is defined in a) of the same document


There are two non-blocking transport methods, nb_transport_fw for use on the forward path, and
nb_transport_bw for use on the backward path. Aside from their names and calling direction these
two methods have similar semantics. In this document, the italicized term nb_transport is used to
describe both methods in situations where there is no need to distinguish between them.




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