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Segmentation fault: Method sensitive to an event which is notified(immediately)


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With the following example, I have a method which is sensitive to an event which is notified(immediately) from end_of_elaboration() function.

This gives Segmentation fault (core dumped).

However if I do func_event.notify(SC_ZERO_TIME); or func_event.notify(1,SC_NS), there is no Segmentation fault


#include "systemc.h"


class TOP : public sc_module



  sc_event func_event;


  TOP(sc_module_name name) {





  void end_of_elaboration(){



  void method_function() {

      std::cout<<"inside f() before wait"<<std::endl;




int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[])


  TOP top("top");


  return 0;



Please have a look, thanks in advance.

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It can be found in LRM 4.4


The following constructs shall not be used directly or indirectly within callback end_of_elaboration:
a) The instantiation of objects of class sc_module, sc_port, sc_export, sc_prim_channel
B) Port binding
c) Export binding
d) The macros SC_CTOR, SC_CTHREAD
e) The member functions reset_signal_is and async_reset_signal_is of the class sc_module
f) Calls to event finder functions
g) Calls to member function notify of class sc_event with an empty argument list to create immediate
h) Calls to the process control member functions kill, reset, or throw_it of class sc_process_handle

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