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Maximum number of SC_MODULE ?


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I have an error at runtime that says "in sc_main (argc = Cannot access memory at address 0x....)"


I use system 2.2.0 on a 64 bit linux machine.

The problem appears when I try to instanciate 1100 additional sc_modules in my design.


I was wondering : is there a maximum number of SC_MODULE ?

Or if someone has any idea about the cause of the problem it would be really great...




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I'm not aware of a maximum number. Normally this kind of problem is related to stack size. If that is the case, then instancing the modules using pointers might be a solution as the memory goes on the heap which can be much bigger.


An easy thing to try to test if it's a stack problem is to look at the ulimit settings on your shell in Linux and see if the stack is limited. If it is, try changing it to unlimited.




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Great, thank you so much Alan !


This was exactly the cause of my problem.

I changed the stacksize and it's running fine.


Thanks for the pointer solution, I will think about it (hoping it's well supported by the synthesis tool).

I wasn't familiar at all with the stack/heap aspect. I searched for hours, I would never have found.

Thanks again for your help.




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