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Controlling the verbosity of `uvm_info

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Hi All,

I am new to uvm and while I was writing the env for my dut I noticed something. `uvm_info is printing a lot of information which will be useful during debug but may not be useful while running regression.

UVM_INFO /my_dut/tb/src/test/my_test.sv(55) @ 134500 : uvm_test_top [MY_TEST] test passed

The info like from which file, which line, the message is coming from is useful while debug. But it may increase the load and make a bigger logfile.

Is the a method to turn off those parts of the message ? :confused:

Please help.

Thanks in advance

Sreenath V

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One thing to try is to override the default report server. If you have a common base class for tests, you can replace the standard report server in the base test constructor, for example:

function Test::new(string name, uvm_component parent);
super.new(name, parent);
  MyReportServer mySrv = new();
  uvm_report_server srv = get_report_server();
endfunction: new

MyReportServer can take over the message formatting, test summary, and other things, for example:

class MyReportServer extends uvm_report_server;

  // my own test summary:
  function void summarize(UVM_FILE file);
    int n = get_severity_count(UVM_FATAL);
    n += get_severity_count(UVM_ERROR);
    n += get_severity_count(UVM_WARNING);
    `uvm_info("STATUS", {"** TEST ", n ? "FAIL" : "PASS", "ED **"}, UVM_NONE);
  endfunction: summarize
  // get rid of the file name in diagnostics:
  function string compose_message
    uvm_severity severity, string name, string id,
    string message, string filename, int line
    return super.compose_message(severity, name, id, message, "", 0);
  endfunction: compose_message
  // get rid of the TEST_DONE message:
  function void process_report
    uvm_severity severity, string name, string id,
    string message, uvm_action action, UVM_FILE file,
    string filename, int line, string composed_message,
    int verbosity_level, uvm_report_object client
    if (id == "TEST_DONE") action -= UVM_DISPLAY;
    super.process_report(severity, name, id, message, action,
      file, filename, line, composed_message, verbosity_level, client);
  endfunction: process_report
endclass: MyReportServer

Hope this helps.


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