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Uvm filed macro

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Hi All

In my transection class I have int , enum , structure. I am using the field macros which is placed inside of the `ovm_object_utils_begin and 'ovm_object_utils_end macro blocks. I am not very sure which field micro to use for the structure. can i use `ovm_field_object for the same.

typedef enum { NOP, WRITE, READ } ocp_Mcmd_enum;

typedef struct 
bit bAssignedToCh_A;
bit bAssignedToCh_B;
shortint unsigned ulMessageLength;
bit bMessageValid;
bit bPPIndicator;
int unsigned ulHeaderCRC;

class my_transfer extends ovm_sequence_item; 
rand bit [15:0] Maddr;
rand ocp_Mcmd_enum Mcmd;
rand bit [31:0] Mdata;
rand sv_TxBufferData txBuf;

`ovm_field_int (Maddr, OVM_ALL_ON)
`ovm_field_enum (ocp_Mcmd_enum, Mcmd, OVM_ALL_ON)
`ovm_field_int (Mdata, OVM_ALL_ON)
//what field macro to use for txBuf;:confused:
function new (string name = " my_transfer_inst", ovm_sequencer_base 
sequencer = null, ovm_sequence parent_seq = null);
super.new(name, sequencer, parent_seq);
endfunction : new

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