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Frameworks - override scoreboard compare

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We're using Paradigm Works Frameworks Scoreboard and have come accross a situation where we need to customize the compare function. We are posting transactions that look something like this

class frame_order_trans extends pw_sb_transaction;

bit valid;

bit [15:0] order;

endclass : frame_order_trans

When the predictor posts a transaction where valid is not true, we want to ensure the checker also posts a transaction where valid is not true; but it doesn't matter what the value of order is. That is, we don't need to predict the value of order. Of course is valid is true, we want to compare the entire transaction as usual because we can predict the value of order in that case.

What is the accepted way to do this?


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Oh, nevermind. A lightbulb finally came on. The Predictor and Checker can take care of this by each setting the Data field to some known value, maybe zero, when the valid bit is not on. When we don't care about the Data field, any value is good as long as the Predictor and Checker set it to the same value so that the object compare comes out okay.


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