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UVM 1.1 Change of the Agent to Passive does not work as documented

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Hi All,

I was trying to use the documented way of changing the "is_active" state inside of

an uvm_agent.

Which looked as followed:

   set_config_int("*kr_0_mon", "is_active", UVM_PASSIVE);
   kr_0_mon = kr_agent::type_id::create("kr_0_mon",this);

The working code instead was this: (And I think that is what should be updated):

   // Inside of the env build process:
   uvm_config_db#(uvm_active_passive_enum)::set(this, "*kr_0_mon", "is_active", UVM_PASSIVE);
   kr_0_mon = kr_agent::type_id::create("kr_0_mon",this);

   // Inside of the agent build process:
   void'(uvm_config_db#(uvm_active_passive_enum)::get(this, "", "is_active", is_active));

So for my understanding this is a BUG inside of the documentation can someone confirm this?



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Did you hide the uvm_agent::is_active variable with your own implementation version? The is_agent in uvm_agent is explicitly loaded by get_config_int.

If you had a new variable, You could also implicitly load your new variable by putting it into a `uvm_component_util_begin which would also expect set_config_int.

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