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SystemVerilog & SystemC Reporting verbosity


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I have a SV UVM environment with a SystemC model included.


I know that SystemC has a UVM style reporting feature, but I don't see any verbosity attached to it.  E.g. SC_REPORT_INFO(MSGID,""); <--- wheres the verbosity?


I would like to, from the command line of my simulator, change the UVM verbosity level, and have it filter messages not only in my SV files, but also the SystemC files as well.





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Have a look to clause 8.3.2 "Class definition" (of sc_report_handler) of IEEE Std 1666-2011 to find the different standardized macros for reporting with different severities:

  • SC_REPORT_INFO(msg_type, msg)
  • SC_REPORT_WARNING(msg_type, msg)
  • SC_REPORT_ERROR(msg_type, msg)
  • SC_REPORT_FATAL(msg_type, msg)

and the by Alain mentioned SC_REPORT_INFO_VERB(msg_type, msg, verbosity). I admit that this information is rather well hidden in the SystemC LRM.

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Scratch what I said about the SystemC automatically picking up the verbosity setting from my UVM environment.

cout << "verbosity=" <<dec<< sc_report_handler::get_verbosity_level() << endl;

reveals the default setting of 200. 


This command successfully changed the verbosity and filtering works.

Now the challenge is talking with tool vendor to learn hopefully how to affect the SC verbosity from SV world.

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