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Installing systemc on Ubuntu


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I am a beginner.

I'm installing systemc231 on Ubuntu and I have done this

Tar -xzvf systemc-2.3.1.tgz

Cd systemc-2.3.1

Sudo mkdir /usr/local/systemc231

Mkdir objdir

Cd objdir

Export cxx="<compiler>"

Export cxx=g++

Export cxx=clang++

Seven cxx g++

It answers :command not found

Then I continued:


It took a moment and check something but finally it answered :

Configure:error: in /home/Ubuntu/systemc-2.3.1/objdir':

Configure:error:c++compiler cannot create executables see 'config.log' for more details

And then I continued :


And it answered :

Make:*** no targets specified no makefile found. Stop.

Now what can l do?

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this is the process I have done to install systemc230 on ubuntu 13.04: <a href="http://paste.ubuntu....m/12228960/</a>
As you can see, I have several errors.In addition I have tried this process with making objdir and have got the same results. I have also install g++ ( sudo apt-get install g++) and all are the newest versions.I had the same errors in installing systemc220 and even more in systemc231. I have downloaded necassery software ( gun make, gcc and clang ) but I dont know, what I am supossed to do with them and in which folder, I should save them.
please help me if you can

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