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Use of set_compare() method on registers vs register fields

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I have used the set_compare(UVM_NO_CHECK) to disable checking by mirror() on a selected field or fields of a register, and to disable checking of the entire register. But what about the reverse - it I apply set_compare(UVM_NO_CHECK) to the entire register, and then apply set_compare(UVM_CHECK) to selected fields, will mirror() check those fields or will the overall register set_compare mode override the field settings? What I have is a 32-bit register with 32 bit fields, of which I am only concerned about one bit. I would be tedious (and I hope somewhat unnecessary) to have to apply set_compare(UVM_NO_CHECK) 31 times just to isolate the bit of interest.

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I think it should work if you apply the set_compare(UVM_CHECK) to the selected fields.

Because, the field value is compared only when the compare policy for that particular register field and the check argument of either:

1. the entire register :: mirror is set to <UVM_ACTIVE>, or

2. the register block :: mirror is set to <UVM_ACTIVE>, or

3. the particular field :: mirror is set to <UVM_ACTIVE>.


Please, correct me if I'm wrong...

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