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  1. OK, one caveat to this - you apparently cannot do a set_compare to a register, only a field.
  2. There is so little documentation that I can find on these register methods. I'll just have to try it.
  3. I have used the set_compare(UVM_NO_CHECK) to disable checking by mirror() on a selected field or fields of a register, and to disable checking of the entire register. But what about the reverse - it I apply set_compare(UVM_NO_CHECK) to the entire register, and then apply set_compare(UVM_CHECK) to selected fields, will mirror() check those fields or will the overall register set_compare mode override the field settings? What I have is a 32-bit register with 32 bit fields, of which I am only concerned about one bit. I would be tedious (and I hope somewhat unnecessary) to have to apply set_compar
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