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Building A Third Party Application which uses TLM 2.0


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I am trying to build 32-bit application which uses SystemC in it on my 64-bit Ubuntu. When running the make file it gives an error because it cannot find "lib-linux/libsystemc.a"


And that is because I am using a 64-bit linux. (So I have "lib-linux64/libsystemc.a" instead!)


I suppose the make file is expecting 32-bit version of the static library. If that is the case, the question is how can I install the 32-bit version of the SystemC library on my machine.


Here's the make command and its output:

hooman@hooman-ThinkPad-S540:~/OVP/systemc_example/SystemC_TLM2.0/platform_cpp$ make -f /home/hooman/OVP/Imperas.20150205/ImperasLib/buildutils/Makefile.TLM.platform
# Compiling Build/Linux32/sys/tlmMemory.o
# Compiling Build/Linux32/sys/tlmMmc.o
# Compiling Build/Linux32/sys/tlmPeripheral.o
# Compiling Build/Linux32/sys/tlmPlatform.o
# Compiling Build/Linux32/sys/tlmProcessor.o
# Compiling Build/Linux32/usr/platform.o
# Linking platform.Linux32.exe
g++: error: /usr/local/systemc230/lib-linux/libsystemc.a: No such file or directory
make: *** [platform.Linux32.exe] Error 1

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You can pass the option --host=i686-linux-gnu to the configure call:

mkdir objdir32
cd objdir32
../configure --host=i686-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr/local/systemc230 # ...

You need to make sure to have the g++-multilib package installed on Ubuntu.

As a side note: You might want to install SystemC 2.3.1 instead, which includes some bug fixes.



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