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SV UVM environment, not moving beyond 0 time

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   I have a verification environment in SV UVM which uses cadence denali APB and AHB UVC.


At zero simulation time, I see that the simulation comes out with the message given below :


Any pointers to move on ?



   *** Dut error at time 0
        Checked at line 307 in @vr_ahb_synchronizer
        In vr_ahb_synchronizer-@5.finalize() (unit: sys.psif_cdn_ahb_env_list[0].my_sync):
Test was stopped because the synchronizer dropped it's objection
after reset, and no other agent raised an objection beforehand.
To disable the synchronizer's objection mechanism refer to
the AHB User Guide section page 5-9
Will stop execution immediately (check effect is ERROR)


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   The problem was with my test code..

I had created the sequencer as vsqr instead of vseqr.  (Note the typo).

From the test, I was informing to run on the vseqr, the interested sequence...

Since the vseqr was not there only, .. it was coming out...




Once the proper sequencer name was created and run with it, the test ran fine..




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