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wait() - performance Bottleneck


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Hi all



I have a project where I create SystemC threads and they perform co operatively with wait(event) statement in two places of  the algorithm.


The algorithm works fine. But, the problem is when I run the algorithm for multiple times (like 1000 times), I could see a lot of time is consumed by the wait() statements.


(I used a Visual Studio Community 2013 profiler)




Is it a performance bottleneck if it runs for many times??



Sorry, if my question is abstract. I am happy to elaborate further if my question is not clear








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Yes wait is relatively expensive. In SystemC TLM modelling a lot of effort was put into minimising the number of waits (using the concept of a time "quantum" for Loosely Timed modelling), but of course it makes the code much more complex to write and understand.


Sometimes it's possible to work out what order the steps of an algorithm should take, and then simply write a program that executes in a well-defined order without using any threads - but the you could write that in plain C++,




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