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memory burst operation

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Hi, I have a memory, its width is 32, and size is 1024. My system bus width is 16. The UVM version is 1.1.

I call the burst_write() function with UVM_FRONTDOOR, and UVM gives the error message:

Cannot burst a 32-bit memory through a narrower data path(16 bytes).

First, I believe that the unit following "16" is bits not bytes, this is UVM's bug.

Second, I don't understand why UVM doesn't allow this kind of burst operation?

I have checked the code, that the uvm_reg_map's do_bus_write function supports this kind of burst operation. The only problem is that uvm_mem::Xcheck_accessX function's line 1835-1841 don't permit this kind of burst operatiion.

Is this intend or a bug?

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