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include_coverage not located message

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I am getting this message:

include_coverage not located
  did you mean recording_detail?

From ral.build(); in this code:

  virtual function void build_phase(uvm_phase phase);
    if (ral == null)
      ral = ral_sys_dut::type_id::create("ral_sys_dut",this);

I don't want coverage at this point. How do I disable this message?

I have use the Synopsys ralgen program with the -uvm switch to generate my register model.

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This message comes from the uvm_spell_check and I have to say it's a bug that this uses $display() rather than uvm_*_report.

Most likely some component is trying to lookup "include_coverage" in the resource_db and failing.

You can do set_config_int( "*", "include_coverage", 0 ) and probably get rid of the error.

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