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How does simple_initiator_socket get access to b_transport?

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I am a bit confused by the usage of the b_transport function in the file examples/tlm/common/src/lt_initiator.cpp. The lt_initiator class has a simple_socket_initiator member that is calling the b_transport function, and I’m trying to figure out how the simple_socket_initiator class is getting access to this function. The only connection in the inheritance hierarchy I’ve been able to find between simple_socket_initiator and the b_transport function is a distant link through a friend declaration in the tlm_base_target_initiator class. I’ve drawn a diagram showing this connection. This diagram is attached. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that this connection would allow the simple_socket_initiator to access b_transport. I am lead to the conclusion that I think there is some other connection between simple_socket_initiator and b_transport that I am not seeing.


At runtime, simple_socket_initiator’s b_transport function call is getting resolved to simple_target_socket’s implementation. I’m just not sure how this resolution is happening.


Any help anyone can offer is appreciated.


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Thanks for the response. This is very helpful. This makes sense now. I had noticed the use of the dereference operator, and it had caught my attention since the initiator_socket hadn't been declared as a pointer. But it didn't occur to me to look into that further. I think perhaps I was too distracted with my search through the inheritance hierarchy.


Thanks again,


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