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uvm_mem get method?

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I'm trying to model some internal registers and memories using the UVM Register Package.

I am not doing auto prediction; I'm trying to do set() and get() to do the prediction.

It works fine for registers, but there is no get() method for the uvm_mem class?

Is there a clean way to do a non-time consuming (i.e. function not task) method to directly set and get memory model values?


Scott Nixon

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The get/set methods in the registers access the mirrored value. Because of the usually-large size of memories, they are not mirrored as it would basically involve writing a sparse memory model. That sparse memory model would be defeated by the memory-walking tests as they woudl force the allocation of the entire memory.

It is recommended that backdoor access be used for zero-time access to the memory content.

If the backdoor access is not available, it is simple to cache the entries you need in an associative array as the content of memories is easy to predict as they are either RO or RW.

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