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Objection usage in Stop Phase

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I would say raising objections in stop_phase() is not valid. From the description:

The stop_phase task is called when this component’s enable_stop_interrupt bit is set and <global_stop_request> is called during a task-based phase, e.g., run.

So stop_phase() is called as a result of the objection count for the current phase returning to zero and the current phase ending. Therefore you should not raise further objections on the current phase because it's already ended.

Upon return from stop_phase, a component signals it is ready to be stopped.

The current phase will not end until the stop_phase execution is complete, therefore there is no need to raise objections.
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You can use objections for any purpose, but spawning a set of new processes during stop is likely to be counter to the intent.

The stop_phase was really intended as a pre-objection, objection mechanism. I would not recommend using the stop_phase at all.

The cleanup subphase might be a better choice for this kind of activity.

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