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update() method in register model is implemented irrespective of desired and mirrored

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I was going through the implementation of update() method for the register model. The uvm_user_guide_1.0 says " update() method invokes the write() method if the desired value (previously modified using set() or randomize()) is different from the mirrored value"

But the implementation of update does not seem to take care of desired as well as mirrored value together. update() method invokes write() method even when desired and mirrored values are the same. Is this what expected?

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It would help, when you discuss specific code segment, to quote the file name and method name and maybe show the actual code...

After reviewing the implementation of uvm_reg::update(), I see that it is lacking a call to uvm_reg::needs_update(). I'll file a Mantis on this one.

Thank you.

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