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Problems using SystemC Verification Library


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I'm facing some porblems in using SystemC Verifcation Library, my codes just don't compile.


I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bits) and I followed the instructions on the INSTALL text file that comes with de SCV package.


I used: ../configure prefix=/usr/local/scv-2.0.0 with-systemc=/usr/local/systemc-2.3.1

(I've created the /usr/loca//scv-2.0.0 beforehand)


After the configuration: make & sudo make install


The installation finishes without errors.


The problems start when I try to use the library in codes. I add to my codes "#include<scv.h>" and add my makefiles looks like this:

CC = g++
INCDIR = -I. -I$(SYSTEMC)/include -I$(SCV)/include
LIBDIR = -L. -L$(SYSTEMC)/lib-linux64 -L$(SCV)/lib-linux64
LIBS   = -lsystemc -lscv -lm

TARGET = verification.x
SRCS   = top.cpp
OBJS   = $(SRCS:.cpp=.o)

all: $(TARGET)

    $(CC) -o $@ $(LIBDIR) $(LIBS) $(OBJS)

    $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCDIR) -c $<

    @rm -f *.o $(TARGET)


Obs.: the environment variable SCV is previously set


Then when I run the make command I get the following (not the full output):

top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x210): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_util::get_dynamic_data()'
top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x218): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_rand_char::updated()'
top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x220): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_rand_char::uninitialize()'
top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x228): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_rand_char::initialize() const'
top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x230): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_rand_char::is_initialized() const'
top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x238): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_callbacks_char::remove_cb(int)'

top.o:(.rodata._ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE[_ZTV14scv_extensionsIcE]+0x260): undefined reference to `_scv_extension_rand_char::generate_value_()'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [verification.x] Error 1

The error seems to come from a library linking problem, but to me it looks like the SCV libraries are linked correctly.


Does anyone knows what is going on?


Thanks in advance,




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The link order is incorrect.  The dependencies are resolved from right to left.  Your Makefile should say:

# list SCV before SystemC
LIBS   = -lscv -lsystemc  -lm

# local objects first, then the required libraries
    $(CC) -o $@ $(LIBDIR) $(OBJS) $(LIBS) 

As a side note: For C++ applications, you should prefer the variables CXX (for the C++ compiler) and CXXFLAGS (for the compiler flags). CC and CFLAGS are intended for C projects. Secondly, I would recommend not to define DEBUG_SYSTEMC in user code.



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