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Tlm sockets

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Perhaps David's suggestion is easiest (the last post in that thread). Each time b_transport is called, you can look up the process handle in an array. If it exists, you know that's the same caller as before. If it doesn't exist, you know you're being called by a process you haven't seen before, so you can store the handle in the array.



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I thought my sentence *was* pseudo-code


Let me re-write it...


Inside b_transport

    if process handle exists in array

          I'm being called by someone I know about.

          Do whatever's appropriate for that initiator


        store process handle in array

        Do whatever's appropriate for that initiator




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Hi Alan


Sorry to bother you again. Actually the process handle related solution was much clear to me. Sorry for the confusion.

What I need, I want to add tags to my initiator_socket/target_sockets but without switching to  tagged versions whcih are available in tlm_utils.

I need some help to attach user specified ids to these sockets.

A pseudo code will be of great help.




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