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ambiguous binding for sc_export

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I have this compile error:


          base class
          "tlm::tlm_analysis_if<sc_eq_pkg::eq_transaction>" is

This is my code:

using namespace tlm;
using namespace sc_eq_pkg;

class eq_wrapper_top : public uvm_component
               , tlm_analysis_if<eq_transaction>
               , tlm_analysis_port<eq_transaction>
   sc_export<tlm_analysis_if<eq_transaction> > dut_input; // analysis export
   tlm_analysis_port<eq_transaction> sc_output; // analysis port
   //Inputs from transactions

  eq_wrapper_top(sc_module_name nm) : uvm_component(nm)
                  , dut_input("dut_input")
                  , sc_output("sc_output")

Any idea?




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That's a very good question. I thought it was needed to use the port inside the class's method, i.e. Inside the write method of the sc_export I use:



Is it the right way?


Of course you can use members of your class without inheriting from their type. Otherwise, C++ would be an even stranger language than it is already, wouldnt it? ;)


Assuming that you do more than just forwarding the dut_input to the sc_output (by calling the write function) in your implementation, yes this can be seen as the right way.



Was it a problem of multiple inheritance?


Indirectly, yes.  You can bind the dut_input either to a port or to another export. As your class claimed to be "both", the compiler can't tell which bind function to call.



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