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simple_initiator_socket with no type

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 I am learning SystemC tlms. Can anybody help me with the below issue:


->   Initiator Socket declaration is done as:


tlm::simple_initiator_socket<Initiator> init_socket;      // Initiator is a class name of Initiator



->  When i complied a simple program with initiator and target, I got a compilation error as below.


ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'simple_initiator_socket' with no type.

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   One more problem is:


   It is saying no match function call to 'simple_target_socket<Target, 32u,...>::register_b_transport(Target* const, void (Target::*)(tlm::tlm_generic_payload,sc_core::sc_time&));



   The statement i have written is:


trg_socket.register_b_transport(this,&Target::b_transport);     // Target is a target class name, trg_socket is an instance of the target socket

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Actually, the initiator does not send a delay but he OWNs the sc_time object for the delay (as well as he owns the transaction/payload object). 

This allows loosely timed modeling and quantum keeping. 

For more information see: 




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