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Overloading/ Registering sc_export


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Hello All,


I am wandering for overloading sc_export.


Lets say at the target side I have 3 exports(same transaction type), so how to implement their write functions?

class abc : public sc_module,
                         public tlm_analysis_if<T> 
    // defining port list

       // Analysis Ports
       sc_export<tlm::tlm_analysis_if<T > > exp_1;
       sc_export<tlm::tlm_analysis_if<T > > exp_2;

//// In the constructor


void write (const T& t){
  // What about implement exp_1

void write (const T& t){
// What about exp_2 


Please help me how to overload the write function?




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You can't use the "implement interface and export" idiom in this case, as you obviously can implement each function only once (for each transaction type).


You can use a small wrapper instead:

  typedef int T;
  sc_core::sc_export<tlm::tlm_analysis_if<T> > exp_1, exp_2;

    : exp_1("exp_1")
    , exp_2("exp_2")
    , aw_1(*this,&abc::write_1) // create wrapper for each implementation
    , aw_2(*this,&abc::write_2)  
    exp_1(aw_1); // bind wrappers


  void write_1( const T& ); // implementation for each export
  void write_2( const T& );

  struct analysis_wrapper
    : sc_core::sc_object, tlm::tlm_analysis_if<T>
    typedef void (abc::*write_func)( const T& ); // pointer to member function with implementation

    analysis_wrapper( abc& owner, write_func f )
      : sc_core::sc_object(sc_core::sc_gen_unique_name("analysis_if"))
      , this_(owner), f_(f){}

    void write( const T& v ) { (this_.*f_)(v); } // forward call to registered implementation

    abc& this_;
    write_func f_;

  analysis_wrapper aw_1, aw_2;

Hope that helps,

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