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Difference of file write between MSVC and MINGW421?


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I have a code run well with Microsoft Visio Studio Express 10.0, but I would like to run with Modelsim which has MINGW4.2.1. I find that the file write operation fails. If I comment out the file operation part, it works.


What requirement for SystemC 2.3.1 work with Modelsim?


The code is attached below.





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When I load for simulation, it simply crashes.


Now, I change C file I/O to C++ stream mode in Modelsim 10.1. It can run, and can write text before wait() call in a SC_CTHREAD. After wait(), no content is written to the text file. i.e. from the attached file, only "writing this to a file1." and "writing this to a file2. are written, no the next line text written.


I put a breakpoint at line 75 of the attached fir.cpp. It does stop there after running, but no content writing happens of that line.


BTW, I still cannot paste text to this forum editor by right click mouse. If I use the paste button above the editor window, there is such warning box, see attached please. I never see this before. Now I use IE on Windows 7.





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