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Is there a way to stub unused tlm sockets to avoid port not bound error

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Hi Experts

Is there a way to stub unused tlm sockets to avoid port not bound error ?

In my top I have toomanymodules and thus too many tlm_initiator_sockets/tlm_traget_sockets. only some of them needs to be connected,not all


Is there a way (e.g.module which can be instantiated) which ensures default binding of unused ports




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Since SystemC 2.1 (I think) it's been possible to set a port binding policy when creating a port. It is a template argument which defaults to SC_ONE_OR_MORE_BOUND, i.e. you must bind at least once. You can change it to SC_ZERO_OR_MORE_BOUND. See the LRM for details.


Another trick that is sometimes used is to instance dummy channels in the before_end_of_elaboration() callback, and bind them to any unbound ports.




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Hi Alain

In Systemc 2.3.1 if I left the following ports unbounded, I get elaboration error (Error: /OSCI_TLM-2/multi_socket: ERROR in instance memory_inst.AXI_Slave: Not bound to tlm_socket)

tlm_utils::multi_passthrough_initiator_socket<initiator, 32, tlm::tlm_base_protocol_types,0,SC_ZERO_OR_MORE_BOUND> AXI_Master;
tlm_utils::multi_passthrough_target_socket<initiator, 32, tlm::tlm_base_protocol_types,0,SC_ZERO_OR_MORE_BOUND> AXI_Slave;

But in 2.3.0, there were no elaboration error with that.



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