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TLM transport_dbg API

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I read in duolos website that in TLM2 transport_dbg API is to read or write memory in the target without causing any side-effects and without simulation time passing.

My question are

1. Is without simulation time passing means we can not call wait inside that function ? Am I right ?


2. It says "without causing any side-effects" but there may be case when writing some data on target memory may trigger some target functionality. What happen in this case ? Will that functionality will not be triggered ? What "side effects" are not caused by calling transport_dbg ?


Thanks in Advance



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Hi, yes, obviously a transport_dbg write causes a side effect (the written data). So you're correct. However a read should have no effect on the system.


You can call transport_dbg from a function, however the transport_dbg call itself must not result in change of simulation time (it returns without calling wait() or notifiying any events). So yes it cannot call wait().




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