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register a register call back to a reg_block model

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Hello All,


I am trying to register my call back class to the register block model for the test bench.


Here is my register call back class.

class aiop_register_call_back extends uvm_reg_cbs;
  // Set the Function Name
  function new(string name = "aiop_register_call_back");
  uvm_elem_kind_e element_kind;
  uvm_object element; 
  uvm_access_e kind; 
  uvm_reg_data_t value[]; 
  uvm_reg_addr_t offset;
  uvm_status_e status;
  uvm_path_e path;
  uvm_sequence_base parent;
  virtual task post_write(uvm_reg_item rw);
    element_kind = rw.element_kind;
    element      = rw.element;
    value        = rw.value;
    offset       = rw.offset;
    status       = rw.status;
    path         = rw.path;
    parent       = rw.parent;
    `uvm_info("AIOP REGISTER CALL BACK", $sformatf("%0s,%0s,%0h,%0h,%0s,%0s,%0s",element_kind,element,value,offset,status,path,parent), UVM_NONE);
endclass : aiop_register_call_back
My question is how would I associate this call back to the reg_block model in the test bench. I have been searching for a while and have not been able to find a clear example or answer to this.
I have tried using:
uvm_callbacks::add(reg_block object handle, callback object)
Any help appreciated.
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Hi John,


The uvm_reg_cbs class can only be associated with uvm_reg, uvm_reg_field, uvm_mem, or uvm_reg_backdoor objects.

From your example, I suspect that you wish to associate your callback class with a given register in a reg block, such as: 


aiop_register_call_back cb = new();
uvm_reg_cb::add(reg_block.get_reg_by_name("my_reg_name"), cb);




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