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IP-XACT vendor extensions to support UVM seq-items

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IP-XACT has a standard method for capturing register information.  Including coping with having one field determine how to parse other fields in other registers.


UVM seq-items have `uvm_fields, but these have some problems, including:

1) in large seq-items, hitting maximum macro length in chars - this requires removing fields or options or whitespace.

2) It appears that the `uvm fields consume runtime every time an object is created.

3) no way to go from human-readable documentation to a list of registers with clear pack/unpack.


I would like to propose vendor extensions in IP-XACT for UVM seq-items, so that:

1) human-readable documentation can be generated.

2) source-code can be generated for packing/unpacking seq-items (C, SV, SV+UVM, Python, and lab-debug tools)

3) functional-coverage requirements could be captured in IP-XACT and functional-coverage code could be generated

4) requirements could be captured and then output could be generated into formats suitable for

    a) Formal verification

    B) simulation-based assertions

    c) post-processing and analyzing data collected in the lab.

5) UVM agents/monitors could be generated.


Given that this is a 'green-fields' situation there is no reason why IP-XACT vendor extensions could not fully support all concepts in UVM in a user-friendly manner.

This would also close a gap in IP-XACT, so that it is easier for IP-vendors to completely document how they generate (or expect) traffic, so users can verify pre-purchase if the IPs are compatible.

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