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Error: (E519) wait() is only allowed in SC_THREADs and SC_CTHREADs


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Hello everyone,


I have a runtime error when trying to simulate the top level of a system containing 2 sc_threads.

An example of my code architecture is presented hereunder, do you see any problem?

Here is my error :

Error: (E519) wait() is only allowed in SC_THREADs and SC_CTHREADs:
        in SC_METHODs use next_trigger() instead
In file: ../../../../src/sysc/kernel/sc_wait.cpp:166
In process: Test_top.th1.Thread_test @ 0 s


#include "Test_top.h"

int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
    Test_top topLevel("topLevel");
    sc_start(70, SC_NS);


#include <systemc>
#include "Thread.h"
class Test_top {


#include "Test_top.h"
    Thread th1("th1");
    Thread th2("th2");


#include <systemc>
SC_MODULE (Thread){
    void Thread_test();
    Thread(sc_module_name instanceName) :


#include "Thread.h"
void Thread::Thread_test(){

Thank you for your comments!


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I had no problems running your code (with SystemC 2.3.0). 

Only compiler errors: 

Test_top topLevel("topLevel");

This constructor doesn't exist. 

After fixing this, the example ran without errors.


But there is a big problem in your code: You declare the two 'Thread' instances as local variables in the Test_top constructor. Since they are local variables, they will be created in the constructor and destroyed when the constructor exits. Hence, when you start the simulation, no SC_MODULE is available anymore. In older SystemC releases, this may lead to the observed error because of some internal clean up issues. 




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