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XY routing

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I am trying to implement XY routing using TLM base protocol in LT coding style. First of all, I am not sure if it is a right assumption to implement a routing protocol using tlm base protocol. Supposing that my assumption is true (please let me know if my assumption is true), I have the following question:


- Since each component can be both a sender and receiver, do I need to define two connections between each two components? To clarify my question, lets say we are talking about components A1 and A2. If A1 wants to send a transaction towards A2, the connection is from A1's initiator socket to A2' target socket. Likewise, A2's initiator socket and A1's target socket is used for sending a packet from A2 to A1.


Thanks in advance for your help,




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TLM 2 was designed for point-to-point communication - so yes, if you want to model bi-directional communication you need both sides to be both initiators and targets.





P.S. Of course a typical bus internconnect has both initiator and target sockets. But the definition of an initiator in TLM2 is generally considered to be that it creates transaction objects - whereas an interconnect may not create transaction objects, it may just pass them on (possibly altering the address field to implement routing).

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