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Documentation on `uvm_do_[obj_]callbacks_exit_on is quite badly broken

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1) The macro arguments are incorrectly documented. The first two arguments T, CB are swapped in the documentation - T shoudl be the type of the calling object, CB the type of the callback facade. The docs say "uvm_do_callbacks_exit_on(mycomp, mycb, ...)"

2) The macro is written as if it were a function body, which is fair enough because it must return a result. The documentation and examples, though, indicate wrongly that the macro itself should be called as if it were a function invocation. It's necessary to wrap it up in your own function.

Anyone disagree? If not I'll log the bug early next week.


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1) The docs say "uvm_do_callbacks_exit_on(mycomp, mycb, ...)"

Ooops, sorry, they don't. If the doc said that it would be right. Instead it says "uvm_do_callbacks_exit_on(mycb, mycomp, ...)" which is wrong.

In fact this error appears only in one specific place, the documentation of `uvm_do_callbacks_exit_on (the non-OBJ version). Unfortunately that's the one I used :-(

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