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Backward Compatibility of UVM 1.0 from UVM 1.0EA

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I just want to address some concerns which I have heard from end users who have either adopted the UVM 1.0 EA release or are considering using it on an upcoming project. I have heard some concerns about the “EA – Early Adopter†tag on the release name. First, I would like to make it clear that the UVM library code is derived from the OVM2.1.1 release and except for the 3 new features which have been added, the rest of the library code has not been changed except for the changing of the symbols from ovm_* to uvm_*. Therefore only the 3 new features listed in the release notes should be consider as new “Early Adopter†features.

In addition, the plan is for the 1.0EA release to be backward compatible with the upcoming UVM 1.0 release unless there is a really compelling technical reason which would require making some small backward incompatible changes. I know this sounds like a loop hole, but there are two reasons for making this statement. One, we want all end users to understand that the VIP committee is making every effort to keep every release fully backward compatible. Second, there are sometimes very legitimate and persuasive reasons to selectively choose that some features not be backward compatible. However, at this point in time, we are not aware of any new features being planned for UVM 1.0 that should introduce any backward incompatibility. For your reference here are the main additions currently being worked on for the UVM 1.0 release:

- Register package: This package will sit “on top†of the UVM class library so it should not have any impact on the current class library.

- Run-time phases: The requirements are being gathered for this new feature now, but there has already been a lot of discussion on how this feature could be added without introducing any backward incompatibility.

- TLM 2.0: It has already been decided by the committee that UVM will continue to support TLM 1.0, so any TLM2.0 support should be additive.

Furthermore, anything that might be introduced that could cause backward incompatibility, would be heavily weighed, looking at the pros and cons and the impact to current users, and would not be something that is lightly considered. Keep in mind that the majority of the VIP TSC Committee consists of end user members, so their voice is the strongest on this topic. The bottom line is the UVM 1.0 will be backward compatible with only the possibility of some highly weighed minor exceptions, and if any such change was introduced, the library would provide a facility for supporting user code which has been written on top of the UVM1.0 EA release.


Thomas Alsop (vip-tsc co-chair)

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