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Socket for Transceiver

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Hello All,


I am wondering for Socket for Transceiver in TLM/SYSTEMC in which I could use it with Transmitter and Receiver running independently.


To put on more light , I want to implement a communication protocol in which both transmitter and receiver works as transceiver in FULL DUPLEX mode.


Please suggest me socket for that in TLM.




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hy KS,


In refernce to section 13.2 of LRM



A socket combines a port with an export. An initiator socket has a port for the forward path and an export for

the backward path, while a target socket has an export for the forward path and a port for the backward path.


 socket which i understood is can have both forward and backward path but i am not sure whether full duplex is possible ..

May be other could help ...


An option i would suggest  in systemC is to make a bidirectional sc_port(inout) and use it ...

Note- benefits of sockets wont be there as mention in the same section ...

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