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  1. Hi KS I think you have to use individual sockets for both transmitting and receiving data. There is no such socket to do both the things simultaneously. Regards Rajit
  2. HI patrick I have never heard of anyone using TLM without using sc_main or sc_start. You actually require a main file where you will either instantiate your top class or both initiator and target class.Here binding of sockets will be done. Regards Rajit
  3. Hi amitk3553 I don't think you can change b_transport with register_b_transport. Both have their specialized tasks. b_transport is for calling and register_b_transport is just for receiving. register_b_transport is only used in simple sockets case and not in tlm sockets. I hope this answers your query. Regards, Rajit
  4. HI 1) I think "b_transport" is the function which we use to do blocking transport. whereas "register_b_transport" is the function which we use in Target constructor to bind our target socket so that it can receive b_transport call, whenever this call is done. We call "b_transport" function in initiator and define it in target. 2) I think the system will work, but you have to actually bind both these sockets in a "top" file. Regards, Rajit
  5. Hi Alan I really appreciate your help. Thanks & Regards Rajit
  6. Hi Can anybody please tell me how to write a transactor for an existing System C model? I can write a systemC model as well as a LT TLM model. But i don't know how to interconnect both of them using ports. Any valuable help would be appreciated. Thanks
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