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Errors in SystemC TLM code

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Hello all,


I had developed function in following way in my code, i am getting errors given below. Please let me know the cause of these errors. 



Function declaration, definition


void payload_gen(tlm_generic_payload trans_payload, simple_initiator_socket ini_socket, tlm_command read_write_cmd_pyld, sc_dt::uint64 addr, unsigned int data_len, unsigned char* pkt)






   trans_payload.set_data_ptr((unsigned char*)(pkt));





Function call


payload_gen(hci_host_trans, hci_host_ini_socket, TLM_WRITE_COMMAND, EVT_COMMAND_COMPLETE_EVENT_CODE, 6, &return_evt_pkt[0]);



After Compilation

note: synthesized method ‘tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket::simple_initiator_socket(const tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket&)’ first required here

error: initializing argument 2 of ‘void hci_top::payload_gen(tlm::tlm_generic_payload, tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket, tlm::tlm_command, sc_dt::uint64, unsigned int, unsigned char*)’







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