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Passing information between sequence and test


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I have recently started using UVM with System Verilog. I need your help to resolve one of the problems I am facing.

My test starts a sequence on a sequencer. In the sequence I am randomizing the address (among other variables).

I want to pass the address that has been generated back to the test that started the sequence.

The test will use this address value to call execute a task in another agent.

I am not sure how do I pass this address back to the test from the sequence.

I don't want to hard-code the address. I thought of using the set_config_int() call in the sequence and doing a get_config_int() call in the test but that won't work as both will be executed in the "Run" phase and so can't determine whether the set_config will be called before the get_config.



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You could add an event to the sequence's events pool. Once you've randomized the sequence_item in the sequence, trigger the event passing the sequence_item as the parameter.  The test can then wait on that event, and get the sequence_item to get at the address.


edit: If this is a pre-existing sequence, that you don't want to modify, extend it instead.  You can put the event trigger in the mid_do() or post_do() methods, which ever is appropriate.

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