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SC_CSD in src/sysc/datatypes/int/sc_nbutils.h


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In sc_nbutils.h  



is_valid_base(sc_numrep base)
  switch (base) {
    case SC_NOBASE: case SC_BIN: 
    case SC_OCT: case SC_DEC: 
    case SC_HEX: 
    case SC_BIN_US: case SC_BIN_SM: 
    case SC_OCT_US: case SC_OCT_SM:
    case SC_HEX_US: case SC_HEX_SM:
      "is_valid_base( sc_numrep base ) : "
      "base ending in _US and _SM is not supported yet" );
      char msg[BUFSIZ];
      std::sprintf( msg, "is_valid_base( sc_numrep base ) : "
      "base = %s is not valid",
      to_string( base ).c_str() );
      SC_REPORT_ERROR( sc_core::SC_ID_VALUE_NOT_VALID_, msg );



SC_CSD case is missing and will default. Is this fine ?
Regards, Sumit
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thanks for reporting this.

In sc_nbutils.h 

inline void is_valid_base(sc_numrep base)
SC_CSD case is missing and will default. Is this fine ?
This part of the code is not used from within the standard API.  Thus, I think it may be Ok to have this missing currently.
If we'd wanted to fix this, we probably should add SC_CSD to the "not yet implemented" case here (to be safe).
The proof-of-concept implementation of the standardised API uses other parts of the library for string conversions (including SC_CSD).
Greetings from Oldenburg,


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