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Set parameter

Deepika Rajput

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Hello All,


I want to implement the condition or a function that would only be executed if Parameter (used to define it) to 1 otherwise if 0 it won't be executed or even exists in the program.




For instance like 


Class XYZ: public sc_module {





[group of functions]




Void function_definition () {

inst 1

inst 2 

PRINT_MY_DEBUG (any arguments);


This PRINT_MY_DEBUG is only required suppose when I need to debug else not .


So I want configure the condition whether to allow or not this PRINT_MY_DEBUG using some parameter from top.


I think I am clear for my questions, else please notify and reply.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to have a preprocessor switch:


#if defined(DEBUG)
#  define PRINT_MY_DEBUG( Some, Args ) \
    print_debug_impl( (Some), (Args) )
#  define PRINT_MY_DEBUG( Some, Args ) \
    ((void)0) /* empty statement */
#endif // DEBUG

void print_debug_impl( ... ); // real function implementation


In the example above, the preprocessor symbol DEBUG is checked, whether or not to enable calls to the print_debug_impl function through the PRINT_MY_DEBUG function macro. You can define such symbols in the source, or via the command-line of your compiler (usually "-D<symbol>[=<value>]", i.e. here -DDEBUG).



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