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  1. Hello All, I want to implement the condition or a function that would only be executed if Parameter (used to define it) to 1 otherwise if 0 it won't be executed or even exists in the program. So to say COMMENT A FUNCTION USING PARAMETER. For instance like Class XYZ: public sc_module { --------- ---------------- ---------------------- [group of functions] } Void function_definition () { inst 1 inst 2 PRINT_MY_DEBUG (any arguments); } This PRINT_MY_DEBUG is only required suppose when I need to debug else not . So I want configure the condition whether to allow or not this PRINT_MY_DEBUG using some parameter from top. I think I am clear for my questions, else please notify and reply.
  2. Thanks Alan, SC_ZERO_TIME_STAMP() was written mistakenly instead of SC_ZERO_TIME. Regards, Deepika
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new to SystemC , please help to understand the difference between wait (SC_ZERO_TIME_STAMP()) and wait (0,SC_NS) ? Thanks and Regards, Deepika Rajput
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