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systemC data type conversions


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Hi all,

      I am newbie to system c and i am trying to work on system c data type's conversions.


I have a inport which a system c ufixed type and i need to change it to a bool type on the outport.


i tried the following code.



sc_in<sc_ufixed < 1, 1, SC_TRN, SC_SAT > > din;
sc_out<bool> dout;

bool i;

void conversion1() {

i = din.to_bool();

sensitive<< din;



Is the above code correct? do i need to use the process method to convert the inport type to a another datatype on the outport?


And Could you please refer me some good reference for system c data type conversions.



Thank you very much





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the code you have written won't compile, because:


- sc_ufixed does not provide a to_bool() member function as the sc_logic and bit select classes do.


- you should use the read() member function of the sc_in port to access the sc_ufixed() value.


However, your approach to use an SC_METHOD sensitive to the input port is correct. You will have to define a criteria, when your sc_ufixed value should be considered as true and when not. All fixed point data types provide is_neg() and is_zero() member functions, which might be suitable candidates for a conversion to bool depending on your truth criteria.


A one bit sc_ufixed value doesn't make really sense or did you mean an sc_uint value?


The SystemC datatypes are described in detail in chapter 7 of the IEEE Std 1666-2011, which you can download for free by following the link on www.accellera.org.





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Thank you for your reply Torsten.


I can understand .to_bool () member function cannot be used with fixed point types and fixed point types must be provided with the read member functions to read the value and also a criterion should be provided for outputting the boolean value (1 or 0) 


keeping the things on mind i tried to rewrite the code for an example. Please check the code and correct me if i am wrong.



#include "systemc.h"

SC_MODULE( convert)
sc_in<sc_ufixed < 12, 12, SC_TRN, SC_SAT > > count;
sc_out<bool > FIFO_we;

void function1(){
if ((count>= 1)&&(count<= 50))        // condition for the boolean
FIFO_we =count.read().is_zero();     // read() function and conversion to bool type
FIFO_we=1; // assign the boolean value
FIFO_we =count.read().is_zero();
FIFO_we = 0;
SC_CTOR(convert) {
sensitive << count;
} // End of Constructor



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Your solution is way too complicated and obfuscates your intent. Try instead the following implementation of function1:


void function1(){
  if ((count.read() >= 1) && (count.read() <= 50)) {


  } else {



Your decision criteria doesn't show why you would want to use sc_ufixed instead of a plain integer type or sc_int<N> / sc_uint<N>.
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