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binary not found error !!!


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hi ,

i am trying to run a systemC example on ecilpse IDE on my windows

using cygwin c++ compiler ....

in building the file it is giving multiple target pattern error ....

which is then giving a binary not found error in run...

Is the configuration correct here ??

thank you in advance



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We would be in a better position to help you, once we get some details of your

configuration. Also, why do you need to run through Eclipse IDE right at start ?

Why not just compile and run your design example from the command line ?

That would be an indicator of what might be going on, because if your code

fails to run from the command line, then there is something seriously wrong.

For example, how have you ensured, via Eclipse that your code was actually

compiled into the binary ? Did you see any compile time error messages ?

Where was the binary placed (which directory). Please note that if your code

runs via the command line, there is some Eclipse configuration issue. Otherwise

something else is wrong. Years ago, I had to configure Eclipse for C++ for a

colleague, and it was not very straight forward then. I myself use plain Linux.

Hope that helps.

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