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Problem with CTHREAD methods


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I have a design where a producer and a consumer are connected together through a simple packet interface. The consumer thread is just executed once. I did not understand what is wrong with it. Here is the code. The second module is executed once at the beginning of the simulation and is not executed after.



: cmMac.h :


#ifndef CM_MAC
#define CM_MAC

SC_MODULE(cmMac) {
   sc_in_clk     Clk;
   sc_in<bool>   Rst;
   sc_out<long>   txDout;
   sc_out<bool>  txDv;
   sc_out<bool>  txSof;
   sc_out<bool>  txEof;
   sc_out<char>  txMod;
   sc_out<bool>  txErr;

   SC_CTOR(cmMac) {
      SC_CTHREAD(cmMacSend, Clk.pos());
      //reset_signal_is(Rst, false);

   ifstream inFile;

   void cmMacInit();
   void cmMacSend();





: cmDutmodel.h:



#ifndef CM_DUTMOD
#define CM_DUTMOD
//#include "cm_mem.h"

SC_MODULE(cmDutmodel) {
   sc_in<bool>      Reset;
   sc_in_clk        Clk;
   sc_in<long>      txDin;
   sc_in<bool>      txDv;
   sc_in<bool>      txSof;
   sc_in<bool>      txEof;
   sc_in<char>      txMod;
   sc_in<bool>      txErr;

//   cmMem<sc_uint<70>,1024>  Fifo1;
   bool                  inPkt;
   sc_uint<32>           wrPtr;
   sc_uint<32>           rdPtr;
   sc_uint<1>            wEn;
   sc_uint<32>           pktSize;

   SC_CTOR(cmDutmodel) {
      SC_CTHREAD(cmDutmodelRx, Clk.pos());
      inPkt = false;
      wrPtr = 0;
      rdPtr = 0;

   void cmDutmodelRx();





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You don't have any bodies for the functions cmDutmodelRx(), cmMacSend() and cmMacInit(), which will result in a linker error.


If by chance you've just forgotten to post the code of those functions, that's a pity because that's probably where the bug lies - you need infinite loops in the SC_CTHREAD function bodies, and you probably don't have them.




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Thanks for the point. I actually did not post the code as I thought the issue was in the header files. However, I tried yesterday to include an infinite loop with a wait statement and everything worked. I did not know you would need an infinite loop in a CTHREAD. It should be clarified. The specs say that the method is executed everytime the clock rising edge occurs.

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