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How to lock the sequencer from the driver

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I am trying to create a driver with two stage pipeline using the example given on uvm_transaction entry of uvm on-line reference as shown below.


task do_item();
forever begin
mbus_item req;
seq_item_port.get(req); // Completes the sequencer-driver handshake
// request bus, wait for grant, etc.
// execute address phase
// allows next transaction to begin address phase
// execute data phase
// (may trigger custom "data_phase" event here)
endtask: do_item


when I compiled my version using irun, it complained about


ncvlog: *E,ILLHIN (driver.sv,233|13): illegal location for a hierarchical name (in a package).


Could anyone please tell me what is the right way to lock the sequencer in the driver.



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