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Instantiating N submodules (N is a template parameter)


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I'll give a brief example of what I intend to to:


template <int N>

   subblock subblock[N];
   void proc();
      unsigned int i;
      for (i = 0; i < N; i++)
         round_robin[N]("subblock instance");
Basically, N subblocks must be instantiated inside request_scheduler and N is a template parameter. The compiler is complaining about the code above. Is it possible to do that?
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Thanks for the answer, using the sc_vector did the trick :)


But how can I use vectors when submodules require extra arguments in the constructor? They tried to cover it in 1666-2011, but they wouldn't be able to write a worst explanation even if they would have put a lot of effort on it. Really tough to understand with incomplete examples.

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I think I can safely say the LRM is not intended to be a tutorial :-)


Philipp Hartmann wrote a paper




and he also wrote the original code.


I'm sure Philipp will pop up if you have any further questions,


kind regards



P.S. I couldn't get the download link to work - but if you click View, you can then download it from the viewer.

Edited by apfitch
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Thanks for letting me know, that the download link is somewhat broken.  I tried to fix it and it seems to be working here now.  The link to the details page is https://complex.offis.de/documents/doc_details/29. In this presentation, several examples for "custom creator functions" are given.  Personally, I prefer the variant of using sc_bind in combination with a local member function:


// creator function (member function of surrounding block)
request_scheduler_m::create_subblock( const char* nm, size_t idx ) {
  // call constructor with other parameters
  subblock* sub_p = new subblock(nm, param_1, param_2);
  return sub_p;

// initialize vector with custom creator
subblock_vec.init( N, sc_bind( &request_scheduler_m::create_subblock, this, sc_unnamed::_1, sc_unnamed::_2 ) );


Using this variant of a creator, you can easily "store" and/or prepare the values of the module parameters within member variables of the surrounding module.


Greetings from Oldenburg,

Edited by Philipp A. Hartmann
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