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Visual Studio 10 and systemc 2.3.0


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Hello everyone,


I’m new in systemc and in this forum.


I successfully downloaded and installed systemc-2.3.0 on MSVC-2010 (Windows 7)


I can compile and run the examples.

BUT when I write an own program it doesn’t work.

For example I wrote this simple program.


#include "systemc.h"#define WIDTH  4
SC_MODULE(adder) {
   sc_in<sc_uint<WIDTH> > a, b;     sc_out<sc_uint<WIDTH> > sum;
  void do_add() {      sum.write(a.read() + b.read())  }
  SC_CTOR(adder)       {    SC_METHOD(do_add);       sensitive << a << b;  }


systemc.lib(sc_main_main.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
> _sc_main referenced in function _sc_elab_and_sim
> Debug/addieren.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

It seems that the compiler can’t find systemc.lib, but I have add additional libraries in the properties and set the environment variable.

I checked it many times but I always got the above-mentioned messages.


Can you help me?


Thanks in advance.





Uni Bochum

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The problem is not that the linker cannot find the systemc.lib. It searches for an implementation of 'sc_main'.


Each SystemC-Modell has to provide a function sc_main(int,char*[]). In some commercial simulator tools this can be replaced by an explicit top module. But with the accellera simulator you need to implement the function. 

In the sc_main function you instantiate your top level module and/or connect it to a testbench. And you call sc_start here to start the simulation.


int sc_main(int argc,char*[] argv)
  Top top("top");
  return 0;




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