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  1. Thank you Philipp, I will turn to Imperas with my question. Greetings from Bochum, Mehmet
  2. Hi, I work on a simple System on Chip. I have a cpu, a bus and a ram. When I compile the following code I got a error message. The code is: #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include "systemc.h" //Use an OVP Microblaze 8.2 processor model #include "xilinx.ovpworld.org/processor/microblaze/1.0/tlm2.0/microblaze_V8_20.igen.hpp" #include "ovpworld.org/modelSupport/tlmPlatform/1.0/tlm2.0/tlmPlatform.hpp" //Use Memory #include "ovpworld.org/memory/ram/1.0/tlm2.0/tlmMemory.hpp" //Use Bus #include "ovpworld.org/modelSupport/tlmDecoder/1.0/tlm2
  3. Hi Philipp, I thank you a lot for your quickly answer. I configured my SystemC configure options by invoking ../configure --disable-async-updates --prefix=/usr/local/systemc-2.3.0. Now I don't have linking problems anymore. Actually I don't need the pthread functionality. But for the case I need it: Do I only have to write SYSTEMC_CXX_FLAGS=-pthread in my Makefile? Here are the error message I got before I disabled the "async_request_update" feature: make -f $IMPERAS_HOME/ImperasLib/source/buildutils/Makefile.TLM.platform Platform= PLATFORM=OVPsim_microblaze_tlm2.0 g+
  4. Hi, I have same problem. I set SYSTEMC_CXX_FLAGS with export SYSTEMC_CXX_FLAGS=-pthread. After that I tried to compile it again and I got the same error. I don't know what I should do. Can you help me, please? By the way how can I add "--disable-async-updates" to my SystemC configure options. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, I’m new in systemc and in this forum. I successfully downloaded and installed systemc-2.3.0 on MSVC-2010 (Windows 7) I can compile and run the examples. BUT when I write an own program it doesn’t work. For example I wrote this simple program. #include "systemc.h"#define WIDTH 4 SC_MODULE(adder) { sc_in<sc_uint<WIDTH> > a, b; sc_out<sc_uint<WIDTH> > sum; void do_add() { sum.write(a.read() + b.read()) } SC_CTOR(adder) { SC_METHOD(do_add); sensitive << a << b; } }; systemc.lib(sc_main_main.o
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