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Purpose of include_coverage() API in uvm_reg.

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I was wondering about the need for the API call include_coverage(...) in uvm_reg.  It appears that build_coverage (...) would be sufficient to build whatever coverage is required in the current scope.

Is there a recommended  use model that clearly distinguishes the use of these 2 calls?


As the include_coverage() call contains a scope parameter,  I realize we can specify coverage models for any register object from some other scope... But where would one call this routine ?   For build_coverage it is clear that it applies to the current scope.


Thanks for your help




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It is not an API that is to be used by users. it is for the model itself to query the configuration information to determine if the coverage model that was generated is to be included or not during construction. It thus allows a model generated with a coverage model to be built without it.

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